Assessment Ethical Perspectives

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Assessment Ethical Perspectives Week Five
ETH 316
February 18, 2013
Ann Marie Ronan

Assessment Ethical Perspectives Week Five
The Mysterious Roses The issue of the problem that must be resolved is Gayle’s request for confidentiality in her request for a meeting. Need to resolve her request and not disclose to anyone else in the company what the meeting is about. The company had already been talking about Gayle receiving roses but it is not known yet what the topic of the meeting will be about. The stakeholders are the shareholders because they maximize the value of the company. Carol Tempest who is the VP of Human Resources is also a stakeholder as well as Ana who is the Director of Sales. Gayle Dornier who is an employee, Bill Witherspoon who is the Research Scientist and John McIntyre who is the VP of Operations and Research are the remaining stakeholders. The duties of the Rights and Responsibilities Lens are the duty to follow reasonable company protocols in order to minimize the liability of the company. The duty to make sure that employees have the information they need to protect themselves in the workplace. The duty to keep information confidential if it is so told to an employee. The best ethical option is to promise Gayle confidentiality. If the situation involves possible sexual harassment, tell Gayle how to either file a complaint or confront Bill who is considered the harasser. In the Results Lens, the effect of the stakeholders is that for the shareholders will be medium impact. Carol Tempest impact will be low because the issue has not yet been exposed and she has not taken any action. The impact for Anastacio is high because harassment is bad business for everyone once the issue becomes exposed. The impact for Gayle Dornier will be high because she is the alleged victim of harassment. Bill Witherspoon impact is medium because harassment has yet to be proven and for John...
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