Patience Is Bitter Plant but Bears Sweet Fruit

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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-Patience makes us stronger and helps us to endure perils.

- Patience reflects “wait”. In this process, we tend to learn and experience a lot. For e.g. an MBBS student at some time loses patience because of tremendous pressure. But, in this process, he learns a lot.

-When we eventually taste the fruit or feel the success, we naturally tend to feel content.

-We all have heard that “Patience is a virtue”. It helps us sustain optimism.

-Being patient avoids us being impulsive and yield incorrect decisions.

-Being patient but in action lets you work as per the demand of the situation & you can expect desired results.

-Entrepreneurship requires a lot of patience but needless to say, once the business takes off, sky is the limit for growth.


-With new challenges we face daily, we barely have the time to be patient. Everyone expects spontaneity from us.

-At times, patience leads to boredom. It prohibits us from moving ahead.

-With competition pressure we encounter in our lives, we always have to be ahead in the race. Being patient is often being perceived as being slow.

-Nothing comes with a guarantee. Being patient always may not lead to positive results. E.g. Divorcees.

While we all strive to be better and successful each passing day, we should understand a situation before taking a decision. Being impulsive always may lead to misunderstandings, disrupt existing strategies etc. This is where we need the power of vision. If we can envision the road path, being patient might help