Beauty and the Beast Compare to Pig King

Topics: Virtue, Positive psychology, Want Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: July 18, 2011
“ Love suffers long and is kind ”, (1 Corinthians 13:4). In this version of Beauty and the Beast, both Beauty and Beast underwent a stream of lifelong sufferings, the kind that we don’t usually see in the world we live In, but these two characters, having natural goodness in their hearts made them strong in nature thus making them very patient in everything that they do and every decisions that they make. Beast had been cast a magic spell that gave him his ugly appearance. A spell that can only be undone by a girl who will reciprocate his love despite his ugliness and lack of intelligence. Beauty showed honesty in letting him know that friendship is what she can only give him.

Both stories are well quantified with virtues and the most prevalent of all is love, wherein if a subject is misguided, leads to an outburst of vices, vices that ruins the inner beauty of a person. The contrast of the stories lies on the capability of the characters to love. Beast patiently waited for Beauty to come back while the young Prince impatiently decided to take an action concerning his wife’s being a frog not knowing that it will lead to a more complicated burden. In today’s world of technological advancement that allow us to experience and do practically anything what we want. Do we still need to be patient? In spite of our dislike in waiting, life is full of waiting. It involves an expectation of something special, anticipation and confident hope that something will take place. If we want to be successful in life you need to take time and be patient to learn the basics. Taking action at the right time, the whole process involved doing the right thing at the right time. Patience- tolerating delay is a virtue that can imply self- control and forbearance. We don’t see this kind of love nowadays, a love that is willing to surpass everything to pursue it, whatever it takes.
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