Notes for Coursework in Childcare Level 2

Topics: Problem solving, Management, Goal Pages: 42 (7443 words) Published: October 19, 2012
recognise the importance of accuracy.
perform with a high degree of accuracy.
perform with consistent accuracy.
achieve results with accuracy and precision.
maintain high statistical accuracy.
expect perfection.
strive for perfection.
excel in achieving perfection.
avoid mistakes and errors.
conform to strict tolerances.
meet precise standards.
meet rigid specifications.
keep accurate records.
maintain accurate documentation.
provide explicit documentation.
meticulous with detail.
excel in detail checking.
forecast with extreme accuracy.
make accurate predictions about future trends, directions and developments.

achieve optimal levels of personal performance and accomplishment. provide strong evidence of specific accomplishments.
produce a tangible, positive impact.
achieve consistently high results.
excel in achieving outstanding project results.
achieve bottom-line results.
achieve lasting results.
exceed the norm.
accomplish more with fewer people.
demonstrate the ability to achieve desire results.
focus on results.
attain results without negative side effects.
attain results through positive actions.

demonstrate a high level of administrative competence.
constantly examine administrative effectiveness and seeks better procedures. encourage administrative efficiency and effectiveness.
achieve high administrative output.
avoid burdening management with administrative detail.
effectively use exception reporting to keep management informed. clearly establish administrative rules and regulations.
enumerate and specify procedures for implementing and administering written policies. develop policies and procedure to improve department.
improve administrative support systems.
supply necessary support services.
develop successful administrative strategies.
excel in simplifying systems and reducing paperwork.
excel in eliminating unnecessary paperwork.
effectively control paperwork.
manage paperwork efficiently and effectively.
improve administrative efficiency through the effective use of forms. establish effective systems for record retention.
keep simple records with little duplication.
effectively handle information overload.
establish effective systems for information retrieval.
understand and apply basic statistical methods.
make effective use of statistical applications.
use sound statistical control techniques.
properly control the release of proprietary information.
respect confidential information.
maintain complete confidentiality.
keep informed of new technologies in office automation.
utilise improved technology for administrative support.
make effective use of office equipment.

analytical skills
demonstrate a strong power of analytical reasoning.
display strong analytical qualities.
demonstrate a strong ability to analyse problems.
very methodical in solving problems.
utilise a variety of analytical techniques to solve problems. excels in analysing and adjusting work procedures for maximum efficiency. thoroughly analyse conditions and reaches independent decisions. effective in analysing relevant information.

excel in analytical thinking.

recognise the importance of appearance.
present an attractive appearance.
take pride in personal appearance.
display the type of grooming which is neat, attractive and appropriate. give proper attention to personal hygiene and dress.
dress to convey an appropriate image.
dress consistent with organisational expectation.
conform to proper standards of dress.
wear appropriate clothing and accessories.
dress appropriately for the position.
display good posture.
projects poise and authority.
make positive first impression.
make excellent impression.
project a positive image.

communicative skills
excel in effective and positive communications.
communicate openly, forcefully and effectively.
communicate clearly and concisely.
communicate with...
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