Parental Pressure

Topics: Suicide, The Adolescents, Suicide methods Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: November 24, 2012
By: Kristin Brenner

Parental Pressure = Late nights, Health risks, Confusion Why this may be occurring and strategies for elimination…

Some Parents Expectations:

◊ Adolescents should spend all or most of their time studying, instead of being able to socialize with their friends ◊ Adolescents should start producing good grades even at an early age of nine (Murphy, 2005)

◊ Adolescents should begin building Harvard-quality

Risks ⇒ Mental Risks: ◊ Suicide
o The constant pressure to succeed leads to the contemplation of committing suicide o A study from Penn State University shows that out of 421 students, (227 females and 194 males) 19.4%, contemplated committing suicide due to the enormous pressure from their parents to produce exceptional grades o Females are four times more likely to attempt suicide or a form of self-harm (Nutrition Heath Review, 1999). However, males are more likely to follow through with the act

◊ Identity & Self-esteem
o When parents exert too much pressure the adolescent has limited time to explore possible furture options. Exploration is necessary to develop a healthy identity o If adolescents select their college major or future career based on parental pressure, the adolescent can develop a foreclosed identity. Foreclosure can lead to dissatisfaction during adulthood o Parental pressure can lead to lowered self-esteem, a lowered sense of assertiveness and less competence in school skills (Adams, 2001)

⇒ Physical Risks: ◊ Sleep Deprivation o Parental pressure leads to physical exhaustion due to late night studying to produce good grades (Hung, 1999) ◊ Cheating o Parents apply a significant amount of pressure for good grades, not knowledge, which can lead to cheating o In a survey done by Donald McCabe of over 2,100 students on over 21 campuses, one-third of adolescents attempted serious cheating on tests with half of the adolescents cheating on written assignments o Causes: Forced course load and a mentality...
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