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Topics: Father, Basketball, Indiana Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Austin Hagood
Mrs. Crummey
English Comp. 1101
September 16, 2010
Parental Pressure on Teens
In the movie, American Teen, there were many types of parental pressures shown on teens entering college. This is a negative trait because more often than not, this leads the teen in the wrong direction or results in the teen making poor decisions. According to the PewResearchCenter, only nine percent of college students think that they need more parental pressure. In life, emotional, traditional and financial pressure will have a negative impact on teens entering college.

American Teen character Hannah is a teen that endures parental pressure in an emotional state. In high school she was the “outcast” and did things different from the typical student. She enjoyed not being a regular and liked her lifestyle. One of Hannah’s biggest goals in life was to move from Indiana and become involved with fashion in California, which was the complete opposite of the life her parents were living. During the movie Hannah’s parents were always pushing her to stay in Indiana and live the life that they had pictured for her. Even though this might have been the easiest route for her and possily the best for her, all her parents did was make Hannah want to go further away and leave more quickly. Hannah’s parents were “Helicopter Parents” which means that they hover over her until they get their point across. As a result, Hannah moved to San Francisco by herself at the age of 18 to start her fashion career. She eventually moved back to Indiana after eight months because of the struggles she endured with fashion. In my opinion, Hannah might not of had such an urge to move away and be apart from her family if her parents hadn’t have pressured her to live their lifestyle. With emotional pressure, teens try to become more rebellious, rather than doing what they are told.

Another teen that had pressure on her was Meghan. She was the popular girl that was involved with everything:...
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