Pressured Parents, Coddled Kids

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  • Published : March 3, 2011
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Pressured parents, Coddled kids

By: Justin Liu
For: Mr. Adams
Course: Human condition
Date submitted: November 11th ,2010

In this new generation of kids, there is huge pressure to give your child the best of everything. Children are now being raised on pedestals, with all their needs being taken care of by their parents. Many children these days can have schedules representing those of an overworked CEO! So this raises the question, is all this attention setting up this generation of children for success? Or undermining them by causing anxiety and other problems when they finally leave home? Treating children in an overprotective and over-indulgent way will have a perverse effect on their development due to the fact that there may be a conflict of interest due to PPP (pressured parent phenomenon), Children learn at their own pace and that competition and pressure can present issues of anxiety and stress. Every parent wants to see their child excel and succeed, but when that feeling turns into obsession a conflict of interest can be created. Parents need to be aware that children need to be children and that an earlier start does not necessarily mean their child will have it easier (Early milestones do not guarantee academic stardom.) (Carl Honore,59). In fact a study conducted in 2003 found that the children who attended school in Denmark, Finland concentrated better than their British counterparts although they begin formal schooling at the ages of 6-7 (2 years later then Britain). One does not become a good parent just because they follow a trend, but one can become a bad parent by doing this, especially if it becomes all about the parent. Parents can also be swayed by peer pressure from other parents. When all the other parents are enrolling their children in certain classes or activities,...
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