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NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Leonard N. Stern School of Business B70.2327.10 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING RESEARCH (course website: with NYU ID or with Stern ID)

Spring 2007
Professor: Office: Office Phone: E-mail: A. Dawn Lesh Tisch Hall Room 803 212. 998. 0503 Office Hours: Tuesday 3:00 – 6:00 PM and by appointment

Course Description and Objectives
Market research is about providing relevant, accurate and timely information for marketing decisions. Whether or not you ever work in a marketing research function, at some time point in your career, you most likely will need to deal with marketing research, either as a producer or as a user. This course is designed to provide an overview of marketing research and its use in making more effective marketing decisions. The primary emphasis is on designing research studies so that the results are both valid and pertinent. It has four major themes: (1) (2) Taking general marketing problems and structuring them in terms of specific questions amenable to research. Understanding primary and secondary sources of marketing research information, including issues in data collection. Becoming familiar with specific techniques for analyzing marketing research data once it has been collected, and using those analyses to make better marketing management decisions. Managing a reasonably complicated research project, working in a group, and making effective oral and written presentations.



These skills are important not only to those directly involved in marketing research activities, but also to “consumers or users” of marketing research, particularly managers who commission and evaluate marketing research consulting studies. The course will enable you to effectively evaluate marketing research proposals, interpret, review and criticize the subsequent reports, and appraise its usefulness to management. The course will also provide a basis from which you may pursue additional study in order to become a research specialist. By the end of the course, you will have some experience with the planning and execution of a research project.

Course Material:
The textbook and cases course packet are available at the New York University Professional Bookstore at 530 LaGuardia Place. Make sure that you purchase the correct edition of the textbook! The readings from the textbook and cases as well as your case preparation set the foundation for that day’s class which will consist of a combination of lecture, case discussions, recent events and guest speakers. In some classes we may discuss examples from articles that have appeared in the popular and business press, such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Economist and the Financial Times. These help create an interesting class discussion and show how marketing concepts affect current events. Whenever possible, we will look at an image of these articles in Power-point in class, and I will post a live link to that article on Blackboard.


Aaker, Kumar, and Day (2007), Marketing Research (Ninth Edition), John Wiley & Sons. (It comes with SPSS Student Version.)

Case Pack (Part 1): We will discuss a number of cases during the course, the purpose of which is to understand the use of marketing research in actual business situations. Preparation questions are included in Appendix A.

CASE Packet 1
9-580-148 9-588-031 9-588-032 5-506-070 9-583-046 9-584-009 9-575-039 9-575-040 Kendall-Vetmat Boston Fights Drugs (A): Designing Communications Research (B): Converting Research to Action The Harvard Graduate Student Housing Survey Johnson Wax: Instant Hair Conditions (A) Johnson Wax: Enhance (B) Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.:Fruit Positioning Study (A) Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.:Findings of the Fruit Positioning Study (B)

Case Pack (Part 2):

Unlike the cases in Packet 1, cases in this pack basically serve as additional readings to the...
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