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Asheboro City Government
Directions: Use Asheboro City’s website to learn about our local city government. Familiarize yourself with the website and use this resource to answer the questions below. Website:

Number| Question| Answer|
1.| How many members of the city council are there and how many years do they serve?| 8 members, serve for 4 years| 2.| When does the city council meet?| On the first Thursday after the first Monday of the month| 3.| List two citizens’ boards or commissions.| Airport authority, ABC board| 4.| Who is the chief administrative officer of Asheboro (Job title and name)| John Ogburn, chief administrative officer of the city of Asheboro| 5.| If someone wants to start a business in Asheboro, what office should they contact prior to buying or leasing property?| The planning and zoning department| 6.| If you or a family member got bit by a dog, besides going to the hospital, who should you contact?| Animal control| 7.| What office deals with street maintenance and Information Technology?| The public works division| 8.| What department would you call if you wanted more information on the cost of renting a john boat at Lake Lucas?| Recreation office| 9.| Who should you call if a street light is not working near your home?| People of street maintenance | 10.| Who is the Mayor of Asheboro?| David Smith|

11.| Who is the Mayor Pro Tempore?| Talmadge Baker|
12.| Name one other City Council member.| Carter|
13.| What form must be filled out prior to starting a building project?| Application for building permit| 14.| List 3 other departments in the city of Asheboro and it’s roleDepartment 1:| Fire department is proud to offer Asheboro citizens modern firefighting services and programs aimed at reducing the effects of various types of emergencies.| | Department 2:| Asheboro Police department mission is to maximize the quality of life of the citizens of...
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