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The Ultimate Gift
Writer, Toni Case Bambara, in his short story, “The Lesson” explains and refers the norm in which Bambara accredits to a group of kids who have been exposed to a number of social, economic, and political issues. Sylvia and the rest of the group of kids are not aware of the significant but negative impact that these factors will have on their lives if they do not realize what kind of system they are living and depending upon. Based on some bad ramifications on the personal and social department regarding kids in their societies, all these factors can be effective. Being set aside, the main purpose in the short story is not to take advantage of the opportunities given, but to understand and be grateful for what they have, but also to be determined to thrive for more giving them ambition.

“The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, appears to show how some people have to strive and work to make or earn what some people are handed to, leading into an advantage. Mrs. Moore, being as wise as she is, had taught the children a powerful lesson explaining the economic inequalities in the world, giving students an open mind to change it. In the story, Miss. Moore takes the children to a toy store called F.A.O. Schwartz, allowing the kids to wander around the store. It is a known fact that these children can’t afford what the toy store has for display, allowing Sugar to speak his mind stating, “Imagine for a minute what kind of society it

is in which some people can spend on a toy what it would cost to feed a family of six or seven” (Bambara 6). As an educator, Miss. Moore wanted the children to witness life in a whole new perspective with endless possibilities, encouraging goals and imagination. Even though the children could not afford the toys in the toy shop, Miss. Moore did not want the children to have limited options in their life. She wanted to prove to them that they have as much rights as anyone else.

Living in such a critical society, we live...
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