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Topics: Ice cream, Ice cream parlor, Logo Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: December 6, 2012
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Case study of Baskin-Robbins:
Can it bask in the good 'Ole Days?

Submitted for Course Number MGT 611
Course Title: Business Research Analysis
Instructor: Sheila Fournier-Bonilla
By: Kory McCullough & Dan Hui

Critical Thinking Questions
Baskin-Robbins Brand Officer Ken Kimmel felt it was important to conduct this study because the frozen-food retailing industry had become more hostile to Baskin-Robbins in recent years. A few entrants such as Cold Stone Creamery and others had popularized the in-store experience. Cold Stone Creamery's sales were now almost 75 percent of Baskin-Robbins' sales. The contest has changed since the mid-1980s'. Customers are more demanding about the hospitality experience. They earn more money and they can buy comparable ice creams to Baskin-Robbins in grocery stores now. While BR’s competitors are pushing this mix-in experience - a higher price theater experience.

The main purpose of the Baskin-Robbins corporate study was to decide whether or not they should change their logo to gain a competitive advantage. They are also using this study to find out the implications of a change of logo, and a change in the way the stores are designed.

The key questions the Baskin-Robbins brand team is addressing are: should the brand logo be changed to signal something new is happening at Baskin-Robbins? If the logo is changed would there be synergy between the logo changed and the redesign interiors? Also, changing the interior of stores will offer a lot of complications with the franchisees. A main concern is whether or not these franchisees would be willing to buy into the new ideas, considering that they have invested a lot into...
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