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Team A
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1. Where do you think the problems lie at Nielsen’s? For example, are they primarily with the company’s strategic goals and plans, tactical goals and plans or operational goals and plans? With alignment of goals and plans?

* In this case, Nielsen has problems strategic, tactical and operational goals and plans. In the strategic goal, the company should define the organizational activities and resources such as computers and technical staff. They need to more computers and software to help the company to solve the problems on time. If they can do that they can satisfy the customers need. After the stragetic goals and plans the next step is to define the tactical goals. In this case Nielsen’s corporation should have monitored the divisions planning timely manner another thing Nielsen Corporation didn’t have enough and good equipment in order to measure the TV ratings as soon as possible. Nielsen failed in operational plans and goals because they have quality problems by setting computers and human resources to meet needs.

2. Do you think developing a strategy map would be a good idea for Nielsen? Why or why not?

* In my opinion the strategy map may cause the efferent result for the Nielsen Corporation. A strategy map is basically a visual representation of the organization success. The stagey map shows how to achieve specific goals and plans. In this case since the goals weren’t reached the straegey map is very important to identify the issues or areas. This problem is effectively and immediately in additon the stragetic choice of problems and procedures that will encourage employees to achieve its goals.

3. If you where David Calhoun , what kind of planning process might you implement right now to fix this problem ?

* If I was Calhoun I would consider Contingency planning because this plan is to help out when a company is in an emergency ,...
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