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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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1.1 Reasons choose the case
1.2 The Problems
The problems of this case are:
1. How would you characterize Lincoln Electric’s strategy? In this context, what is the nature of Lincoln’s business and upon what bases does this company compete? 2. What are the most important elements of Lincoln’s overall approach to organization and control that help explain why this company is so successful? How well do Lincoln’s organization and control mechanisms fit the company’s strategic requirements? 3. What is the corporate culture like at Lincoln Electric? What type of employees would be happy working at Lincoln Electric? 4. What is the applicability of Lincoln’s approach to organization and control to other companies? Why don’t more companies operate like Lincoln? 5. What colud cause Lincoln’s strategy implementation approach to break down? What are the threats to Lincoln’s continued success? 6. Would you like to work in an environment like that at Linciln Electric? 1.3 The Aim/Objectivity

The objectives of this case are:

For the literature we will focus at the …..


3.1 Background Case Lincoln Electric Company

Lincoln Electric Company

2. Case Analyis



4.1 Conclusion of this case study analysis are:
4.2 Recommendations for The Lincoln Electric Company:

Lincoln Electric has found a simple way to beat the competition in the manufacturing industry, Lincoln puts the employees first, knowing that without happy employees nothing will improve and nothing will get produced. Through revolutionary incentive programs and effective motivation techniques Lincoln has found ways to keep employees coming back day after day with smiles on their faces and a genuine love for the company in their hearts. It is rare to find companies that value the individual so much while at the same time becoming...
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