Topics: Spreadsheet, Decision making, Entity-relationship model Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Kudler Fine Foods business thrives on quality of inventory product. It is essential to establish the proper guidelines to track and store inventory. If not followed properly Kudler's Food can be tainted and perish away in storage. Kudler's Fine Food can't allow this process to be overlook and infect the Fine Food Brand. This paper will evaluate the design elements from an accounting perspective of the data tables. With the existing data tables a entity relationship diagram will be illustrated. Also, recommendations will be addressed to improve the data tables. Finally, an example pivot table will be demonstrated to help improve decision making for management.

From an accounting perspective, tables help organize the given data. This gives organization to Kudler fine foods from the customer, inventory, items, orders, stores, and more. Currently, the inventory table contains "the components that make up an item like description. It is used for managing inventory and determining the availability of ingredients that go into prepared items, such as bakery products" (Kudler Fine Food). Accounting is all about the numbers; however, they have to connect to each other to make up more than just a number in a spreadsheet.

The current data tables can be improved by enabling users to more quickly determine trends and patterns. This can be accomplished through the use of a pivot table. This allows for specific data to be easily filtered from a chart or arranged by specific measurements like chronologically or even alphabetically. Moreover, the current inventory report does not show enough details to make educated accounting decisions. For example, the total amount is just shown for each inventory item. It does not give information in regards to the purchase price and the number of inventory in stock. Without more details decision will not be effective for Kudler Fine Foods.

With standard business operations it can be overwhelming when dealing with all the...
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