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S. #| | Topics| Page #|
1| | Executive Summary| 2|
2| | Introduction of Pakistan Railways| 3|
| 1.1| History| |
| 1.2| Mission Statement | |
| 1.3| Vision Statement | |
| 1.4| Scope of Pak Railway| |
3 | | Body of Report| 5|
| 2.1| Fish Bone Diagram| |
| 2.2| Graph of Productivity| |
| 2.3| Check List for Corporate Strategy| |
| | Services and Products| 6|
| 3.1| Customer Contact Matrix| |
| 3.2| Productivity Flow Chart| |
| 3.3| Culture of Organization| |
| 3.4| Competitive Advantages| |
| | Training Undergone| 7|
| 4.1| Success Stories| |
| 4.2| Failures/ Threats| |
5| | Conclusion| |
6| | Recommendations| |
| | | 10|
| 5.1| Structural Design| |
| 5.2| Downsizing| |
| 5.3| Reengineering| |
| 5.4| Alliance Intervention| |
| 5.5| Network Intervention| |
| | | 12|
7| | Bibliography| 13|

History of Pakistan railways
The possibility of Karachi as a sea port was first noticed in the middle of 19th century. Sir Henry Edward Frere was appointed Commissioner of Sindh after its annexation with Bombay in 1847 and sought permission from Lord Dalhousie to begin a survey for a sea port. He also initiated the survey for a railway line in 1858. It was proposed that a railway line from Karachi City to Kotri, steam navigation up the Indus and Chenab rivers up to Multan and from there another railway to Lahore and beyond be constructed. It was on 13 May 1861, that the first railway line was opened for public traffic between Karachi City and Kotri, a distance of 105 miles (169 km). The line between Karachi City and Keamari was opened on 16 June 1889. During 1897 the line from Keamari to Kotri was doubled. Different sections on the existing main line from Peshawar to Lahore and Multan and branch lines were constructed in the last quarter of 19th century and early years of 20th century. The four sections, i.e. Scinde (Sindh) Railways, Indian Flotilla Company, Punjab Railway and Delhi Railways, working in a single company, were later on amalgamated into the Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railways Company and purchased by the Secretary of State for India in 1885, and in January 1886, it was named North Western State Railways, which was later on renamed as North Western Railway. At the time of independence, 1,947 route miles (3,133 km) of North Western Railways were transferred to India, leaving 5,048 route miles (8,122 km) to Pakistan. In 1954, the railway line was extended to Mardan and Charsada, and in 1956 the Jacobabad-Kashmore 2 ft. 6 in (762 mm) gauge line was converted into broad gauge. The Kot Adu-Kashmore line was constructed between 1969 and 1973 providing an alternative route from Karachi up the country. At present Pakistan Railway comprises of 8,163 route km, 1,212 stations and 42 train halts. It has a fleet of 546 diesel electric locomotives, 25,815 wagons and 2,099 passenger coaches. Maintenance is provided by three major locomotive workshops and thirty-five smaller workshops. Signaling facilities at important stations are track circulated within interlocking limits. Most routes have VHF radio coverage for communication between train dispatchers and trains. Telephone Communication is over wire lines and microwave. Mission statement

To provide safe, reliable, modern, efficient cost effective infrastructure to its customer, to contribute in economy building of Pakistan and to look after the welfare of employees. Vision statement

Basically Pakistan railway has two motto’s
* safety first and always
* avoid accident at all cost
Scope of Pakistan railways
Railway is not only the most common and economical means of transport but also for transportation of goods in several countries of the world. Pakistan Railways is also one of the most common transport systems in Pakistan....
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