Indian Railway

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A case study video on how the Indian railway was turned around was discussed in the class. Please suggest a Strategy for turning around Pakistan Railways by proposing a change in their Value chain activities and subsequent strategies to be followed

At present Pakistan Railway comprises of 8,163 route km, 1,212 stations and 42 train halts. It has a fleet of 546 diesel electric locomotives, 25,815 wagons and 2,099 passenger coaches. Maintenance is provided by three major locomotive workshops and thirty-five smaller workshops. Signaling facilities at important stations are track circulated within interlocking limits. Most routes have VHF radio coverage for communication between train dispatchers and trains. Telephone Communication is over wire lines and microwave. Pakistan Railways is multi system and operates on three gauges, i.e. broad gauge, meter-gauge and narrow gauge. PROBLEMS FACED BY PAKISTAN RAILWAYS

Pakistan railway is facing alot of problems. The policy makers and strategic analyst should design their strategies in a way to cater the problems in a effective and a efficient way. Shortage of Locomotives:

The Pakistan Railways has a total of 546 locomotives but only 290 are on track while the rest are out of order. Similarly, 70 per cent carriages are out of service. Eroding Market Share:
Railway sector in Pakistan has not maintained its position in the transport sector. The market share of Pakistan Railways kept on declining with the passage of time. To fix the problems faced by Pakistan Railways (PR), I recommend the process with following key steps: * Selecting a design team: A team of 8-10 individuals will be selected which will include key policy makers for Pakistan Railways, representatives from various functional areas of the organization and worker’s unions. * Diagnosing: Once the team is selected a joint diagnosis of the organization will be conducted which will include understanding organization’s current strength and...
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