Different Types of Networks in Indian Railways

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Different types of

Networks in Indian Railways (FOIS/RAILNET)


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Fundamentals of Computer Networking Network protocols and standards Network media Ethernet FOIS Network devices and components Network Addressing RAILNET Data communication on Telephone networks Network Management & Troubleshooting

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RAILNET Connectivity Diagrams FOIS Connectivity Diagrams Abbreviations References

DRAFT COPY Different types of Networks in Indian Railways (FOIS/RAILNET)


Chapter 1
Information Resource is a critical tool for confronting and tackling the challenges in any field on a real time basis. The major data networks and applications of Indian Railways currently functioning are: • • • • • • • • • • Freight Operations Information System (FOIS) RAILNET Passenger Reservation System (PRS) National Train Enquiry System (NTES) Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) Coaching operations Information System (COIS) Control Office Automation (COA) Crew Management System (CMS) Material Management Information System (MMIS) Management Information System (MIS)

Indian Railways, being a multi-location and multi-functional organization, provide an ideal backdrop for Computer Networks, which can allow sharing of resources among its large base of customers as well as among the organization itself.

Through set up of these information systems, Indian Railways has put a major step forward in gaining the capability to harness information resources through the use of the exploding information technology.

The following table lists the circuit wise category of various data networks of Indian Railways:


March 2011

DRAFT COPY Different types of Networks in Indian Railways (FOIS/RAILNET)


Data Network FOISNET


Some other IT applications used in present or in near future in Indian Railways are: Railways data network is built up by utilizing bandwidth from Railtel Corporation of India (RCIL) or leasing bandwidth from BSNL or other service providers. The Bandwidth requirement depends upon: • • • • • Network Architecture Number of concurrent users at that location Database design: Distributed PRS/Centralized-FOIS Type of Application design Type of Process • • • • Video and Data conferencing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Disaster management PMS (Parcel Management System)

Circuit (Application running) RMS TMS COIS COA CMS (Sign safe) MIS MMIS CO SAFE PRS UTS NTES

Operating Commercial Operating Operating TRO S&T Store Operating Commercial Commercial Commercial



March 2011

DRAFT COPY Different types of Networks in Indian Railways (FOIS/RAILNET)



Indian Railways decided in 1986 to go in for an integrated computer communication system called Freight Operation Information System (FOIS) with an objective to computerize the information relating to all operational activities and monitor the performance of all activity centers connected with freight traffic management. The functions of FOIS are:

In brief, FOISNET is a data network on which many applications like RMS, TMS, COIS etc. run.

 The Central System handles the core functions like Control of Wagon Movement, Control of Train Movement, Locomotive Movement, Scheduling and Routing of Traffic etc.  The Zonal Systems handle distributed field functions like Yard Management, Local Area Management (inclusive of Goods...
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