Impact on Railways

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Railways had a big impact in Britain bringing economic and social benefits. People were able to travel greater distances to work or go on holidays for the first time, as trains were a cheap and fast way to travel. Manufactures and farmers could sell their goods all over the country and railways created many different jobs.

Speed of travel
The development of trains effected the owners of coach and canal services badly for them the problem was that the railways were cheaper and a lot faster. The trains were three times faster than the fastest coach and eight times faster than the canals. People could travel further in a shorter time and not have to live so close to their working place also factories and farmers could transport there goods more quickly the mail and newspapers also speeded up.

The railways created many different jobs not only jobs to help drive trains and build the railways also there was a high demand in coal and iron to run and build new railways as well so more jobs became available in coal mines and factories. Railways made the cost of moving goods cheaper therefore could be sold for less more goods are sold for less more will need to be produced. The manufactures and farmers who make these products will employ more workers and the more people with jobs can afford the products being made.

Days out
The railways meant that even poor people not only rich could travel longer distances in a shorter time and have short days out for the first time. Seaside became more popular as cheap days out or holidays such as places like Blackpool, Scarborough, Whitby and Skegness. New places and holidays ere exiting for people to have new experiness and learn new things.

More food became available as railways developed Towns people could receive fresh meat, fish, vegetables and other food from farms in the country side brought into the towns and cities by the railways. Also farmers would get a lot more money from...
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