Paired Reading

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Classroom Strategies
Paired (or Partner) Reading
Paired reading is a research-based fluency strategy used with readers who lack fluency. In this strategy, students read aloud to each other. When using partners, more fluent readers can be paired with less fluent readers, or children who read at the same level can be paired to reread a story they have already read. Paired reading can be used with any book, taking turns reading by sentence, paragraph, page or chapter.   Share your examples!

Why use paired reading?
* It helps students work together.
* It encourages cooperation and supports peer-assisted learning. When to use:| Before reading| During reading| After reading| How to use:| Individually| With small groups| Whole class setting|

How to use paired reading
How to pair students
Pair students either by same reading ability or by high level readers with low level readers. Use the following steps to pair high-level readers with low-level readers: * List the students in order from highest to lowest according to reading ability * Divide the list in half

* Place the top student in the first list with the top student in the second list * Continue until all students have been partnered
* Be sensitive to pairings of students with special needs, including learning or emotional needs. Adjust pairings as necessary * The reader from the first list should read first while the reader from the second list listens and follows along * The second reader should pick up where the first reader stops. If additional practice is needed, the second reader can reread what the first reader read * Encourage pairs to ask each other about what was read. "What was your page about? What was your favorite part?" Implementing the strategy

1. Introduce the students to the Paired Reading strategy. This includes: * Establishing a routine for students to adopt so that they know the step-by-step requirements for engaging in paired...
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