First Grade Unit Plan

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First Grade
Literacy Skills: The Mitten

December 12, 2012
EDCC 351 Dr. Keyes

I choose to do my unit plan on a literacy unit using the book The Mitten by Jan Brett. I choose this topic because it was a way to encourage literacy while teaching other concepts through the story. I also felt that this way of teaching will help students to see that learning is everywhere and encourage them to learn through everyday experiences. This unit plan is designed for students in grade k through 1.

Day 1: Shared Reading

I) Introduction:
a) Get student’s attention: On the board in front of the class I will have posted a huge mitten cut from butcher paper. b) The lesson for today will be reading the book The Mitten. We will all be practicing are reading and comprehension skills. c) The purpose of today’s lesson will be to practice reading and comprehension skills.

II) Objective:
What: The big book “The Mitten” will be read to the students and we will discuss the book. How: Students will listen to the teacher while she reads the book, following along, looking at pictures and participating in the discussion about the story.

III) Instruction:
Boys and Girls the story The Mitten by Jan Brett is a favorite winter story for young children. We will be reading this book this week and doing different activities around it. Today I am going to read the book to you and then we will discuss it. (After reading the story I will ask questions such as :) What part of the book could really happen? What makes the book interesting? Where does this story happen? What would be another good title for this story?

IV) Guided Practice:
The group discussion will give students the opportunity to discuss and share what they learned from the story. Have students draw or color on a piece of paper their favorite animal or part of the story.

V) Closure:
At the end of the day go over the book again allowing the children to tell you what happen first, then next, then last. Allow them to post their animals are favorite part of the story on the large mitten posted on the board.

VI) Ask students to bring their favorite pair of mittens to school tomorrow to share and for another activity about the story.

Day 2: Sight Words

I) Introduction:
a) Add to the big book a word finder, a fly swatter with a hoe cut in the middle large enough for a word to show through the window. b) Identifying words relates to building vocabulary. The student will be able to identify, pronounce, spell, and define selected words.

II) Objective:
What: The students will learn new vocabulary words.
How: All students will be required to write down the list of words and their meaning.

III) Instruction:
Today we will be reading the story “The Mitten” again, this time we will all read together and while reading we will be looking for certain words. I will first read a page of the book and have someone who raises a quiet hand come up and with the word finder find any of our listed words. The words that we will be looking for are: snow, mittens, fox, badger, and white. (Once they have found the word I will ask :) Now how did you find that word?

IV) Guided Practice:
Children will participate by looking through the big book for the selected sight words. Once they have identified them we will write the word on the mitten board discuss and write the meaning of the word on the mitten board. The student will then write the word and definition themselves in their journals.

V) Closure:
At the end of the class we will first look at just the sight words that we learned today. I will allow the children to tell me what the word means and how it was used in the story.

VI) Independent Practice:
Have them take the list of sight words home and write a sentence that was not from the story using the sight words.

Day 3: Nouns

I) Introduction:
a) Get students...
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