P3 Unit 1 Business

Topics: Tertiary sector of the economy, Industry, Natural gas Pages: 3 (601 words) Published: February 1, 2013
P3 Explain how businesses are classified using local and national examples

For this part of my coursework I am going to find out about three different sectors which are primary, secondary, tertiary. For each of them I will give two examples for each local and national businesses.

Primary Sector
The activities of businesses in this sector are all involved with producing or obtaining raw materials or natural products from land or the sea. The main categories are shown in the following.

Agriculture, hunting and logging: the production such as vegetables and cereals, animal farming landscape gardening and horticultural businesses.

Forestry and logging: planting, conserving and felling timber, including Christmas trees.

Fishing: fishing fleets, fish farmers, for example, trout hatcheries, salmon farms and freshwater mussel growers.

Mining and quarrying: coal mining, oil and natural gas extraction, quarrying all types of stone, slate, gravel, sand and clay, salt production

Examples of local and national businesses under primary sectors.

Johnnie’s family farming Cannings fish factory.

British Coal mining Plc. Esso petroleum

The above examples of business are all involved in different types of activities in the primary sector

Secondary sector

The secondary sector includes all businesses that manufacture, process or assemble products. This sector also covers energy production and the construction industry.

Manufacturing: All businesses that make or produce goods In the (ONS) divides manufacturing companies into different product groups, which enables us to see which types of manufacturer are thriving and which are not.

Engineering: A key feature of many manufacturing industries, mainly in relation to the design and functioning of...
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