Outdoor Learning

Topics: Teacher, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: March 6, 2011
“Better learning will not come from finding better ways for the teacher to instruct but from giving learners better opportunities to construct.” - (Seymour Papert, Professor Emeritus , MIT Media Lab). There are many ways teachers and schools can make the curriculum more enjoyable. In my essay I am going to explore the ways that this can be achieved and the benefits it will have on children, teachers and schools.

One way that teachers and schools can develop children’s enjoyment towards learning, is by introducing outdoor learning. Outdoor learning is a way to get children interactively involved in their learning. It also helps break up the repetitiveness of day to day classroom routines. There can be many benefits to outdoor learning, as stated by (Dillon J 2006) outdoor learning can include; knowledge and understanding; attitudes and feelings; values and beliefs; actions and behaviours; personal and social development. Also another benefit from outdoor learning experiences, is that it enables the children who struggle in class to excel to their full ability by performing hands on tasks. In addition, it allows all children to develop team work, leadership and social skills. Evidence for this can be taken from my personal off site experience to Orams Arbour. While being randomly paired and blindfolded we had to guess the tree that our partner had taken us too. This task helped me develop my social skills and gain confidence when meeting new people. In addition working as a team was the only way out task would work, so it encouraged my partner and I to place trust in each thus helping develop team work, leadership and social skills. These are all skills that can be taught and developed to children and will therefore have a positive impact on those who learn them. I also found that this activity enabled us to use senses such as touch. This would be an effective learning task for children who are kinaesthetic learners, who would perhaps normally struggle with...
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