Othello and O

Topics: Othello, Iago, 16th century Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Othello and “O”
The movie “O” by Tim Blake Nelson is based on Shakespeare’s play “Othello. They both have many differences as well as similarities. The same trap is laid for the main character in both versions and the same amount of casualties happens in both final scenes. Nelson sets his story in modern time prep school, and his characters are not the adults of Shakespeare's play. Shakespeare Othello is set in the 16th century while Nelsons “O” is set I the 20th century. In Othello, the setting is in 16th century Cyprus during a war with the Turkish Empire. The language used in respectful and nice compared to “O”. Brabantio calls Othello to the summit and questions him what sorcery he has used to take his daughter Desdemona away from him. Desdemona denies the fact that Othello used any sorcery and says that there love is true and that she left her father for her husband and he left his family for her mother. In this play Desdemona is married to Othello. Iago’s reasons of jealousy are that Othello promoted Cassio to Lieutenant instead of him and that there’s a well-known rumor that Othello has slept with his where the truth hasn’t been brought to light. Nobody is aware of neither Iago’s nor Rodrigo’s intentions. Othello has epilepsy and Iago doesn’t help until Cassio walks in. Desdemona is slapped by Othello and no one can believe that the well-known respected general would do such a thing. Othello makes Iago his blood brother and Iago tells him to kill Desdemona and he will kill Cassio for him. But Iago Sends Rodrigo instead of doing it himself to kill Cassio but fails wring and Rodrigo gets injured and runs away than Iago comes and stabs Cassio in the leg then goes and kills Rodrigo. When Othello kills Desdemona, Emilia comes in and see’s that Desdemona is dead and Othello confessed to his crime so Emilia cries out murder where everyone came in including Iago where he starts to argue with Emilia and tells her to be quite but she doesn’t listen and then he...
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