Topics: René Descartes, Metaphysics, Mind Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: February 16, 2013
1) Compare and contrast the views of Dualism, Materialism, and Idealism. Dualism is a view that what exists is either physical or mental, and spirtual for some things like humans. It views the mind as nonphysical substance and a human as physical and a mental component which is the mind. Materialism is a view that focus on the physical.This view believes that only the physical exist. This theory believes if the object is not in motion it is not real. Idealsism is a view that believes in only the mental or spirtiual exists. It is not the object we experience but rather our perception or ideas of it. If For example if its there then that mean it exists.These three views dont have much in common because they are unlike in their own ways. The similarites between all of these views is that they are all have perceptions and have to do with ideas. 2) Explain and evaluate Rene Descartes’ views on knowledge. Rene Descartes' was a dualist who said there are two seperate and distinct substances, which are material substance and mind. He believed that everyone was born of knowledge and nature did not give us knowledge. 3) Explain and evaluate Rene Descartes’ evil demon conjecture. The evil demon conjecture comes in when he doesnt know how to distinguish that two and three make five and that a square has four sides. The evil demon can be tricking us into thinking things that dont even exist. He says "For all I know, a deceitful and all powerful intelligence has so programmed me that I find myself regarding as absolute certainties propositions that in fact are not true at all. He perceives God to be real but he doesnt want to be decieved from the devil. He realizes that some one in the world can be smarter than him but cant be smarter than God. I believe his view on the evil demon puts doubt in his head and try to make him think otherwise. 4) Explain and evaluate the views of Oliva Sabuco de Nantes on the connection between the mind and the body.

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