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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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In the beginning of the play, Othello is mentioned in description by Iago and Roderigo during their discussion rather than being physically present; “The Moore”(1.i57) , “the thick-lips” (I.i.66), “an old black ram” (I.i.88), and “a Barbary horse” (I.i.113). Other than description, we do not see Othello till Act 1, scene iii. We understand in the beginning through Iago And Roderigo’s discussions that Othello is an outsider, by description racially and culturally. I believe Shakespeare used this obvious divide as a primer for Iago’s spite for Othello although not as the motive. Even though Othello stands culturally and racially apart, he is still in high demand as a championed soldier/General, employed by the Venetian civic society. His reputation of leadership and military clout has earned him the trust of the Ventian people giving him the political and military responsibilities of the city of Cypris, district of Venice. Othello is an extremely charismatic character. The factor of his attractive exotic profile has gained him the attentions of even his civic peers such as Desdemona and Brabontio. He says, “Desdemona’s father loved me, oft invited me, / Still questioned me the story of my life / from year to year” (I.iii.127–129).

The theme of Othello’s conflict as an outsider seems to always be plaguing Othello. Brabontio admires Othello and his stories and yet, cannot find Othello worthy of his daughter. This is due to Othello being an outsider and stands as a staple to the theme of race and sex with Othello. Othello’s characteristic, personality, and legendary rage can be best summed up with the Greek soldier God of War, Ares. A brave and fearsome warrior with attractive qualities to swoon even purist of characters such as Desdemona. A great person to be Othello, but still indeed has horrendous flaws to be manipulated by Iago’s schemes such as his jealousy and insecurity of being exotic yet eloquent in a foreign culture. We see this during the...
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