Organzation and Behavious

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When we read the case study, the Ratchetts’ Ltd can simplified separate to two large teams that are car sales and after sales. One team is also within three different types of group. How can we distinction the team and group in that case? People think team and group that means can interchange to each other. So that they always misunderstand team and group the definition. Team and group are always making us complicate when we use it. If you want to make distinctions clearly, we are always following some theories to help them classified the team and group. Let us discuss as the below: * Team – Occur when a small number of members with shared leadership, who perform interdependent jobs with individual and mutual accountability of group members, become together evaluation and discussion problem, making decision for solving the problem at the planning, and reward. In practice meaning, the full tension and counter-balance of human behaviour will need to be demonstrated in the team.

Related to the case Ratchetts Ltd has three departments team: Car sales and After-sale separate with service and parts. Car sales team mangers whose lead their team individual and mutual accountability of three groups, and also need to solve out the problem. For example: Car sales manager has to solve the problem with new-car sales department members argue after-car sales department can make profit more than them and others arguments is within the customer is belongs to who?

* Group – Two or more with a clear leader who perform independent jobs with individual accountability, evaluation, and rewards. A collection of people who interact with one another, accept rights and obligations as members and who share a common identity.

Related to the case Ratchetts Ltd consists of three groups with one team. Such as Car sales manager who is responsible for three separate groups: new cars, used cars and fleet sales. The after sale manager is responsible for two teams: Service and Parts. The parts department has two groups of members who serve two masters: the general public and the service department.

Ratchetts Ltd has many problems which included organisational structure, culture, group work, inter-group communication, motivation, leadership and management. If we can follow the OB theories and take a role of a team, it can solve out our company organisational problem easily. * Organisational structure – is division of work among members of the organisation that can direct to follow the goals and objectives of their activities. It makes the process of management and creates a framework of order and commands the activities. It defines tasks and responsibilities, work roles and relationships and channels of communication. Organizational structure refers to the way that an organization arranges people and jobs so that its work can be performed and its goals can be met, so that people responsibilities typically are defined by what they do, who they report to, and for managers, who reports to them. Related to the case, Rattchetts Ltd has flat and the wide span of control organisational structures. The flat structure is a small number of hierarchical levels. For example: Rattchetts Ltd just has 3 levels. Alan Ratchett is managing director. He is in the top level, and then the middle level is two managers: car sales manager and after sales manager under the director. Finally level is all the department workers.

* Organisational culture - has developed from anthropology and has pervasive influence over human behaviour and action. It is always following by “how things are done around here”, “what is acceptable and not acceptable”, “what behaviour and actions are encouraged and discouraged”. It controls the way members make decisions, the way they interpret and mange the organisation’s environment, what they do with information and how they operate. There are four types of culture described by Charles Handy (1986): * Power...
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