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Background of Westecs®:
Westecs® Ltd. is the largest chain clothing store in Bangladesh. This company started its journey since 1987. There are nine branches of Westecs® among which six stores are in Dhaka, two are in Syhlet and one in Chittagong. There is one chairman in Westecs® who regulates all the activities from its head office which is located in Tejgaon. There is one director in each branch who controls the work of the outlets. Each of the stores has 1 or 2 managers motivating their employees in various ways. More than 300 employees are working in the organization. Their competitors are Eastasy, Rex, and other fashion houses and boutique shops. But their main competitor is Pretex. This company is divided into two portions- one is administrative and another one is sales. The administrative sector controls the overall working process of the branch manager, sales manager, and accountant and finance manager. The sales department totally depends on the accountant’s effort and this portion is controlled by the head office. Westecs® mainly manufacture the brand items such as suits, blazers and official Shirts. The backup of their brand items are imported from different countries. They also sell casual wears of gents, ladies and children. These readymade garments are collected from various sources such as the garments that could not be exported to the foreign countries due to shipment or time difficulty. All the branches of Westecs® are well festooned and the environment is comfortable and rich. Westecs® provide a special importance to the customer satisfaction. Almost all kinds of wear that the customers need are found here. They have a future vision to extend their business by exporting their garment products abroad.

The hierarchy of management in Westecs® Ltd. can be illustrated as below:

Fig: Organogram of westecs® Ltd

1.0 Problem Assessment
The executive development process of a company starts with the assessment of the company’s current problem. This assessment of problem is needed specially when there is a discrepancy between some current state of affairs and some desired state, requiring the consideration of alternative courses of action. Westecs® Ltd. is one of the largest chain clothing stores in Bangladesh. To get this achievement they have maintained certain management policies and practiced some theories to make it an effective and efficient organization though Westecs® do not have any formal Human Resource department. In spite of all plans and strategies there are some loopholes in every organization. Westecs® is running their business in somewhat successful manner but there are many problems especially with the Human Resource management such as productivity, skills and personal attributes, employee morale, innovations and training and development- in which sectors they have a lot of opportunities to improve. Here are some problems of Westecs®, which are effecting in different aspects. These problems are related to recruitment and selection process, productivity, motivation, pay for performance, absenteeism, turnover, organizational citizenship behavior, job satisfaction, skills, training and development etc. Development in these sections may lead Westecs® to better productivity and success.

1. Productivity
An organization meant to be productive when it achieves its goals and does so by transferring inputs to outputs at the lowest cost. This productivity also implies a concern for both effectiveness and efficiency. By effective, we mean making the right decision and successfully implementing them. The organizational goals that Westecs® have are-

These goals are not specific and difficult rather they are more generalized. Westecs® is somewhat successful in achieving these general goals, so it can be said that Westecs® has the effectiveness from such context but to succeed in long run they should have some specific goals which will lead them to higher performance. A company is efficient when...
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