Organizational Structure of a Hospital You Know

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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INTRODUCTION: For this assignment I’m choosing, Fortis Hospital at Noida, India and Krishna Nursing home at Chitradurga, Karnataka India. Fortis hospital at Noida, India is a part of Fortis healthcare group and mainly focuses on orthopaedics and neurosciences. It’s a medium sized hospital with 300 bedded facilities and about 250 full time staff. Its organisational structure has low vertical and high horizontal distribution. THE HORIZONTAL DISTRIBUTION is as follows, 1) 37 medical departments which covers different specialities.2) Other departments such as HR, marketing, finance, engineering and nursing.3) Social specialisation, example doctors.4) Functional specialisation, example technicians and nurses. VERTICAL STRUCTURE is as follows, 1) Zonal director at the top. 2) 43 departmental heads who work under Zonal director. 3) There is team under each department which report to departmental heads. Organizational structure of fortis hospital ZONAL DIRECTOR United HR medical director Head eng marketing & sales Finance head Nursing matron Team Hr Doctors Eng team Marketing team Finance team Nursing team

Centralisation: Head of department control all departments and they report to the Zonal director. Each individual in the organisation has limited autonomy and financially it is highly centralised and functionally it is moderately decentralised and it has high level of standardisation of administrative task and the recruitment process is very much formalised, whereas doctors have low level of formalisation and everyone follow standard operating procedure. Hence in summary, Fortis hospital is multi-speciality hospital of medium size and its structure has high horizontal complexity but low vertical complexity and it is moderately formalised and there is not much...
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