Transformational Changes in Healthcare Organizations

Topics: Health care, Leadership, Patient Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: July 17, 2011
Participation of all employees in a healthcare organization is needed within a transformational organization. Change is probably never popular, but is necessary for the transformation and restructuring of the healthcare industry. There are several models in the scope of transformational changes and learning organizations. The capacity to change is embraced by organizational transformation and initiatives sustained are representative of learning organizations (Johnson, 2009).

The first organization I found to have instituted transformational changes is the Mary Marlborough Disability Service (Stead & Leonard, 1995). This facility provides care for persons with severe and complex physical disabilities. The Mary Marlborough Disability Service (hereafter MMDS) offers special facilities including a rehabilitations engineering department which provides modifications or manufacturing equipment for patient’s needs. Within the changing tides of attitudes regarding disability, the facility realized changes needed to be made to keep up with these concerns and quality of service. The board was also under pressure as the facility was operating at a loss.

One of the problems facing the facility was there was no clear management at the facility. The medical consultant was acting as director, but the management responsibility or accountability for staff was not defined. The various stakeholders, including the board of directors, the medical consultant and staff, were suffering greatly as the facility was suffering from reservations on quality of services offered in the changing times. Another issue facing MMDS was the fact they began operating at a loss due to lack of leadership, budgeting issues and poor communication among staff (Stead & Leonard, 1995).

A project was established for a twelve month period with a new position being created with the title Clinical Operations Coordinator to guide them through the changes to come. The term manager was not used so...
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