Organizational Structure Case Study

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  • Published : August 1, 2012
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MGT460-07A Module One – Assignment 2 – Organizational Structure

Describe how Argyris and Aston have criticized Blau's research related to organization size. Blau suggested that increasing organizational size generates differentiation along various lines at decelerating rates. Blau suggested that if the effect is non-linear, at one point in the organization growth the effect of size on the structure would start to decrease. (Maguire, 2003) Argyris on the other hand is saying that size may be correlated with, but not generate or cause, differentiation. (Hall & Tolbert, 1991) The Aston Group sees that organizational size has great influence on the structure and the increasing size is correlated with increasing specialization and formalization. “An increased scale of operation increases the frequency of recurrent events and the repetition of decisions,” which makes standardization preferable. (Scott, 2001)

Explain why organizational cultures tend to be relatively stable over time. Organizational culture helps employees to identify themselves with the company; it increases the commitment to the organization’s mission and provides behavioral directions. Organizational culture is important for the organizational behavior. Although organizational culture is considered to be stable, it’s possible that it will change over time. There are different factors that are responsible for the change of the culture within an organization. Change of workforce forced through a merger or an acquisition, market conditions and competition or new technology. These factors can influence and alter the organizational culture. Is there any relationship between organizational culture and organizational structure? Explain. Organizational structure and organizational culture are somewhat similar and that makes it complicated to differentiate the two. An organizational structure is part of the organizational culture, they are somehow intertwined. No effective organizational...
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