Organizational Structure and Work Design

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Organizational Structure and Work Design

Organizational structure is the hierarchical map of an organization. If the structure is set up properly the employees of the organization know everyone who reports to them, and everyone that they in turn report up to. Organization structure increases production in any organization. If a company has 120 employees, and only one manager in charge of all those employees, the information would get slowed down every time that manager had to inform their employees of any changes. In that same scenario the manager could have 3 mid level managers who he informs, and then they in turn inform the 5 low level managers under them, this would allow a much smoother dissemination of information. This also prevents the manager in charge of 120 employees being directly slowed down by each employee, when most of the time more experienced employees can resolve newer employee problems. The organization that I am in uses an Organizational structure to its fullest potential. The best example of this is when our 800 soldier battalion gets alerted for state emergencies. The first one to be alerted is our Battalion Commander, he in turn calls all six of his company commanders who are in charge of approximately 130 soldiers. The company commanders call their three platoon leaders who call their squad leaders, who are in charge of approximately 10 soldiers. All this is going on throughout the battalion simultaneously. The result is that our battalion is ready to move to an emergency within 4 hours. This is an amazing accomplishment for an organization to be able to transition from home life to a state emergency in 4 hours.

By developing a organizational structure and work design employees feel as if they are apart of the organizational goals. Low level management positions create an achievable goal for entry level employees, and increase their production. Organizational structure is crucial to an organization success. The benefits that can be...
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