Organizational Conflict

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Organizational Conflict
Conflicts within an organization can be difficult on employees. Some conflicts may be petty and some could end up in violence. They are often started because of the difference of opinions between employees (Shetach, A., 2012). Regardless of the situation; employers cannot afford to have conflicts within their organization. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the reason for the conflict within this organization and to come up with ways to help solve the conflicts. Description of the Conflict

The conflict at my place of employment is that there are never enough associates scheduled to perform the duties that are needed to be done. The ICS team is the main team that goes through the inventory in the back room on a daily basis. Their job is to bin every item that comes within this store with a labeling system. The problem that is being cause is that there are not enough associates able to keep up with binning the items after the ICS team finishes scanning and counting their freight. What conflict that has occurred from this is that the unloaders are coming in and they have to help them out. In return the un-loaders are falling behind in their work. When the morning shift associates comes in; mainly department managers they have to work out the items that the ICS team has scanned. When you look at the amount of freight that is needing to be work out, it could be from four to fifteen L-carts. L-carts are the large carts that are used to move large freight to the floor or to the customer’s car. Production was falling behind because there was not a good plan set into place on who, what, and how the receiving area of the store would be operated. There was lack of communication that was going on between upper management and lower management. It seemed as though the associates were the ones that were making the decisions instead of the managers.

The ICS team and the un-loaders were constantly arguing with...
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