Hoosier Burger Week 2

Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Hoosier Burger Week 2
Hoosier Burger is a small restaurant that currently has no digital information capabilities. The new owners, Bob and Thelma, have just finished up product identification and selection. Now that Hoosier Burger has been open for a little while, they have a good feel for what works – and what does not – in the current system. With a solid approach to identification and selection, scope definition, examination of feasibility factors and the development of a project scope statement this project will be well on the way towards an efficient execution. This project was identified as most are, which is, unfortunately, by way of pain. In daily operations Bob and Thelma discovered shortcomings in inventory control, customer ordering and management reporting. These inadequacies culminate in food shortages, customer wait time and a general lack of ability to run the business smoothly. Because their business is growing, the old way of managing information by hand is quite simply insufficient. Project selection is also simple in this case, as the system simply has to be upgraded, and there are no other projects pending to choose from. In many situations there are multiple teams competing for limited resources and so projects might be evaluated based on cost-benefit analysis or any other manner of comparing the feasibility of a project, but in this case the selection is clear: Upgrade the system and keep customers coming back! The scope of the project on the provider (internal) side is fleshed out by asking questions. Recommended topics include which problems and opportunities the project can address, the quantified and agreed upon desired results, a path between these two states must be discovered (what needs to be done), how will the results be measured, and finally, definition of the finish line (Valacich, George, and Hoffer, 2009). One of the most important activities, establishing a relationship with the customer (external), has already...
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