Organizational Behaviour Paper

Topics: Motivation, Self-efficacy, Expectancy theory Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: April 9, 2013
1.Last summer Drew and Sean worked at a Desjardins call centre. Their job was to call the bank’s customers and offer them a credit card with a low interest rate. At the beginning of the summer the manager of the call centre announced that the employee who made the most calls in the next 3 months would win a two-week, all expenses paid sailing trip. Neither Drew nor Sean experienced an increase in motivation after hearing the announcement. They had different reasons. Drew gets motion sickness on sailing trips. Sean believes that even if he put in the effort, the more experienced employees would make more calls than him. Choose the most appropriate motivation theory to explain why Drew and Sean were not motivated by the sailing trip. Explain the theory. Use the theory to explain why Drew was not motivated. Use the theory to explain why Sean was not motivated.

The fact that Drew and Sean were not motivated by the sailing trip is best explained by the process theory which states that individuals are motivated as a result of cognitive processes (interpretation and understanding) and that they normally make a decision about “effort, direct, persistence” based for example on whether or not it is fair or by evaluating the reward versus the effort needed. The process theory includes five subcategories identified as the cognitive-evaluation theory, goal-setting theory, self-efficacy theory, equity theory and expectancy theory. Drew’s lack of motivation can be described by the expectancy theory which states that motivation is determined by the outcomes people expect to occur as a result of their actions on the job. Using this theory, a decision will be taken based on three aspects: Will the effort needed lead to desired performance? Will the desired performance lead to promised rewards? Is the outcome personally attractive or valuable? Here, we can clearly see that Drew was not motivated by the sailing trip because of his personal situation (getting motion sickness on...
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