Improving Organizational Performance

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This paper will tell businesses what they can do to help in improving organizational performance in a business. Organizational performance stimulation was completed to learn and understand what a business has to go through when they are falling apart. We learned what we can do to help the business starting from the employees to the business to get everything up and running like it should be. Airdevil’s

“Improving organization performance” simulation is based on a company called Airdevils that is a firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This company was founded by a woman named Celsey Evans in 1995 (Organizational Psychology, 2008). This company has one employee when they started and they are up to 115 employees. They do aerial stunts and serve most industries ranging from movies to marketing, skydiving, sky surfing, hang gliding, and paragliding (Organizational Psychology, 2008). The company won numerous awards almost every year since the business was started because of their daring stunts and their customers who loved what they did and wanted them back. They served different industries motion picture and television, production, demonstration events, publicity stunts, and marketing campaigns (Organizational Psychology, 2008). They were doing so well and business was rolling. They have not received any rewards in the past couple of years because the stunts are not what they used to be (Organizational Psychology, 2008). The founding team of employees no longer works there, they have retired. Customers are no longer happy with the work they perform because the stunts are not as well as they used to be. Emloyees are leaving to make money someplace else so they can do the more exciting stunts (Organizational Psychology, 2008). The employees who are still there are worried that their job will not last long because customers are not as satisfied. Stimulation

With this, Celsey Evans decided she had to step in and do something to help the business out. She went and hired Dream Teamwork’s an organizational psychology consulting company to work on the problems affecting the business and help them get back on track (Organizational Psychology, 2008). They start it out with the four phases of stimulation to see what they can do. First they have to figure out why the job satisfaction is so low for the stunt performers. They had all employees at the Airdevil’s complete a job description index survey to see what their job satisfaction level was. These reports came back, and everyone loves their bosses but not his or her employees (Organizational Psychology, 2008). They need to work on employees working together and enjoying to do these types of stunts together. They are not happy with their pay and promotions rarely ever happen. Then they completed profiles for their personal profile and profile of the stunt performances (Organizational, psychology, 2008). They had a total of eight out of the 75 employees which can do all the stunts that Airdevil’s have. Then they went through the blogs from the blog comments. They again are unhappy with the stunts. The employees want more and exciting stunts to do, and they would like to even get paid a little better. They are not getting what they need to keep the business as busy as it used to be. The employees need training in new stunts, they need to improve their job design, allow participation in open competitors, and rotation in industry meets (Organizational Psychology, 2008). If they can do all these things they can get the Airdevil’s back and running like they used to be. Theories

Employees can be motivated in so many different ways with all the theories they have to help. To help with the understanding for an employee’s motivation for performing at work with help the leaders to structure the work environment to encourage productive work behavior and discourage counterproductive work behavior (Jex & Britt, 2008). An example would be employee’s that are highly motivated...
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