Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Medicine Pages: 4 (1065 words) Published: May 31, 2013
I. My weight is only 38, while my age is 18, when I was confirmed by the doctor that I was under-weight. It is 3 years ago when I was vulnerable to infection as the symptoms of underweight. II. So, I search for something that can help me to gain weight. At last, I was being introduced to Herbalife by my friend. III. I make some research on Herbalife to know it better before I use it in order to achieve the targeted weight without putting myself at risk. IV. Today, I would like to inform you about the history of Herbalife, types of famous product under Herbalife, and the feedback from the user of this product. (Transition: Let’s start with the history of Herbalife.)

* Founded by Mark Hughes and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Herbalife is a manufacturer of weight loss and nutrition supplements as well as other personal health care products. It is used to help people improve their lives through better nutrition and an unparalleled business opportunity. * This company makes use of breakthrough technology and innovative processes using several of the best health promoting and powerful ingredients that are all natural * Herbalife products started as those designed to help its users lose weight, gain weight and maintain their ideal weight. Originally, these products were in the form of protein shakes. * Today, they are not for weigh management only, but come out with new function for digestive health, personal care, energy and fitness, immunity solutions, and heart health. (Transition: Now that you know something about the history of Herbalife. Now, let’s look at the ingredients of Herbalife product) There are about 17 types of product of Herbalife. But the most popular product is Herbalife Shake, Herbalife Drinks, Herbalife Vitamins, Herbalife Beauty Product, Herbalife Protein Powder, and Herbalife Healthy Meal Bars. I. Herbalife Formula 1 Shakes are a wonderful way to help support weight loss. These delicious drinks are a...
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