Organization Behavior Study

Topics: Organizational studies and human resource management, Organizational studies, Organization Pages: 7 (1798 words) Published: May 28, 2013
“A field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, group and structure have on behavior within organizations, for the purpose of applying such towards improving an organizational effectiveness” It has three main elements:

1)Organizational behaviour is an investigative study of individuals and groups, 2)The impact of organizational structure on human behaviour 3)The application of knowledge to achieve organizational effectiveness. 1.1 Why Organizational Behaviour Study?

Study of organizational behaviour is the inherent art on the part of manager to understand, describe, forecast and modify individual behaviour. It is the field of study that investigates the impact on individuals, groups and organizational structure have on individual behaviour so that, the knowledge so achieved can be suitably modified and applied for organizational effectiveness. The study is undertaken pertaining to managing stress, conflicts, inter as well as intra group behaviour, decision making at group level. Management of change, development of organizational culture and various organizational development strategies are required to be undertaken by leaders for enhancing organizational effectiveness. 2.BEHAVIOUR MODEL FOR ORGANIZATIONAL EFFICIENCY

Leaders must look for indicators (effects) of individual behaviour and of groups in any organization. As a leader, it is that symptom, which must be evaluated and cause of human behaviour established so that if the behaviour is good, the manager can establish the norms of behaviour. If the behaviour is not conducive to achieve the organisational objective then suitable alternative model can be applied to channelize individual behaviour. (a) Describe: Study of organizational behaviour is based on scientific methods, which have been applied on human beings. In essence, it is a science, that analyses as to how people behave in different situations in the organization. A manager should be able describe the behaviour of each of the individuals under his command, identify attitude, and be able to pinpoint his behaviour so that, the situation in the organization is conducive for good productivity. (b) Understand: Leaders must understand human behaviour as to why people behave in particular manner and try to identify reasons so that corrective actions can be taken. (c) Predict: By frequent closer interaction, a leader is in a position to identify the nature of workers. Some are more productive while the others are tardy and disruptive. In such situation, a leader should be able to handle each individual differently so that his or her actions can be channelized to higher productivity. (d) Control: Managers in the organizations should train their subordinates continuously; aim being development of skills, promotion of productivity and improvement of individual behaviour. It is a continuous process on the part of manager where in, he must lay down control measures so that, the energy of workers is channelized towards organizational objectives. Effective Communication means should be used to ensure that, the behaviour of individual is convincingly utilised. Environment has a great impact on human behaviour. Appropriate internal environment would help organizations to build favourable work environment that will help individuals and groups within organizations to work effectively towards higher productivity. 3. STUDY IS BASED ON FOLLOWING KEY POINTS

3.1 Psychology: Psychology is an applied science, which attempts to explain human behaviour in a particular situation and predicts actions of individuals. It has contributed towards various theories on learning, motivation, personality, training and development, theories on individual decision making, leadership, job satisfaction, performance appraisal, attitude, ego state of mind, job design, work stress and conflict management. 3.2 Sociology: Sociology studies the impact of culture on group behaviour...
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