Organization Behavior

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Abraham Harold Maslow publishes “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory” in his paper which is called “A Theory of Human Motivation Psychological Review” in 1943. Abraham Harold Maslow said that human have five different level needs, but the degree of these needs are different at different point of time, so, the most urgent need is the main motivational factor for human to action. Therefore, Abraham Harold Maslow created “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory” to motivate human by satisfying five different level needs of human at different point of time, in this theory, he separates the basic needs of human into five categories and level, and they are physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization from the most lowest to highest. Besides, there are 4 basic assumptions for making the theory success. The first one is that only unsatisfied needs can be the incentive tool to influence the behavior of human and a satisfied need ceases to motivate behavior. The second one is that the needs are arranged in an order according to the importance and hierarchy and order of needs may be influenced by culture. The third one is that human will persuade the need of next level when a certain level of need to get a minimum meet, so, lower level needs must be satisfied before higher level needs are activated. The final one is that several needs affect a person’s behavior at any one time.

Case study: Café de Coral
Café de Coral in Hong Kong had performed their outstanding performance in organization management, including their human resources management and service quality management and their success had been recognized by society by granting different awards, such as Hong Kong Corporate Branding - Consumer Award (catering service category), Merit Award judging panel; Good personnel management Award issued by the Labour Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government; Hewitt Limited awarded the 2003 Best Employers and Enlightened Employers Award 2004 issued by the Labour Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government…etc. In the following, we will use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to analysis the success of Café de Coral.

In the following, we will generalize some policy or welfare of Café de Coral into the five categories of needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. 1. Physiological needs:
* Salary
* Welfare Fund and mortgage subsidy scheme for alleviating the economic hardship of the employees’ burden. * Lo Teng Hsiang Education Fund annual funding Merit Award achievements and finance employees need child, so that they can concentrate on the completion of university courses

2. Safety needs:
* Injecting flu needle for employees per year
* Group life insurance
* Medical care funding schemes
* Residential treatment programs, work injury rehabilitation programs by professional doctors provide free treatment and someone to follow up cases, shorten waiting hour and avoid a doctor.

3. Love and belonging
* "Quality Living Award Incentive Plan" overtime hours transformed Points redemption is not the same gift products (such as movie tickets, buffet coupons, travel tour packages and cash vouchers, etc.), with their families together to enjoy the quality of life, promote the harmony of family relations.

* Summer Experience Program for the family of employees - allows the family of the employee gains the work experience in different positions during the summer vacation period, so as to deepen the families of the employees work to understand and care between each other.

* Efforts to promote employee physical and mental activities, and colleagues achieved a good balance of work and life, such as company will often hold a balanced employees physical and mental development of sports and recreational activities, such as dancing, long-distance running and Family Fun Day

* "Heart to...
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