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“Comparative Study on Profitability Drivers of Indian Retail Industry and their formats” and “challenges to unorganized retails in the current scenario”.

Submitted to: Mrs. Ambika Rathi





Executive Summary6

Today’s Retail in India7 - 8

Key Points of Indian Organised Retail Industry9

Formats in Indian Organized Retail Sector10

Top Major Retail Players in India11

Objectives of the Study12


Scope of the Study14

Research Methodology15 - 16

Limitations of the Study17

Research problem and its relevance18

Name of the Stores19

Vishal Mega Mart20 - 30

Big Bazaar31 - 40

Lifestyle41 - 48

Comparative analysis of the Stores49 - 56


Great India Place58 - 61


First of all we would like to thank Mrs. Ambika Rathi (Faculty Member) for giving us the opportunity to do the project on comparative study on “Indian organised Retail Industry and their formats” and “threats to unorganized retails in the current scenario in India.” Her extended views on the Indian Retail Industry help us with assistance, support and council without, which this project would not have been materialized.

We would also like to express our special thanks to all the Staffs of the Vishal Mega Mart, Big Bazaar, Life Style and Pantaloon Retails and also the various owners of Kirana Stores for their excellent support and co-ordination without which this study could not be fulfilled.


Asia Pacific Institute of Management Studies.


We are lucky that, we got the opportunity for making the project report on “Comparative Study on Profitability Drivers of Indian Retail Industry and their formats” and “challenges to unorganized retails in the current scenario”. For this study we visited the Malls, Hyper Markets and Departmental Stores and in New Delhi and Noida and talk to various unorganized retailers (Kirana stores) to study the problems defined. This report is written account of what we learnt and experienced during the survey. We wish, those going through it will not only find it readable but also get as useful Information. The main limitation of our experience was that as the above said organised retails industry is reserved with corporate formalities, we had faced a little bit difficulties to fill the questionnaire completely.

Executive Summary

Retailing is emerging as a sunrise industry in India and its presently the largest employer after agriculture. In the year 2004, the size of Indian organized retail industry was Rs 28,000 Crores, which was only 3% of the total retailing market.

The sunrise of the organised retailers in India creates a major turn in the retail industry. Top major organised retail players are increasing their market share day by day. Their main focus is based on FMCG and consumer durables. With modernization, Indian culture is aping the western dressing sense and lifestyle and these techniques is promoting by the Retailers and by this they are generating a remarkable revenue from the Indian consumers.

Today’s Retail in India

Comprised of organized and traditional retail formats, Indian Retail market is estimated to be worth US$ 511 billion, and is poised to grow to US$ 833 billion by 2013. The organised retail that currently accounts for less than 5 per cent of the total retail market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40 per cent and swell to US$ 107 billion by 2013.

A report by global consultancy firm, AT Kearney said "The consumer spending in India has increased by an impressive 75 per cent in the last four years and will quadruple in the next 20 years." Moreover, India recently topped the Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence study, conducted by Nielsen, a market research company. The biannual report...
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