Impact of Indian Organized Retail Chains on Unorganized Retail Sector

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  • Published : January 29, 2009
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TOPIC: Impact of Indian Organized Retail Chains On Unorganized Retail Sector India is in the midst of a retail boom. The sector witnessed significant transformation in the past decade and that is unorganized family-owned retail formats to organized retailing. Many international brands have entered the market. With the growth in organized retailing, unorganized retailers are fast changing their business models. However, retailing is one of the few sectors where foreign direct investment (FDI) is not allowed at present.

As a consumer, who always believed in the merits of organized retail chains, we had an important question to answer after conducting research for this project. “Should we still support organized retail chains”. Here was an issue which is a big hype and many critics these days, which has also become a political issue.

Will society be benefited by entrance of organized retail chains in cities and districts? Wouldn’t people who were traditionally involved in retail business be better if government erects some walls on organized retail chains, Shouldn’t government ban the retail chains who are stepping on the poor peoples stomach who were in these business, who earn not more than 200 rupees per day for their living.

As we all think that opening of FDI’s and liberalizing Indian retail market to organized retail chains in India is a development milestone for Indian economy and we achieved it, but how far this achievement helps Indian economy in a better way. Besides knowing this, our eyes kept looking at those poor and traditional business people who earned their living by selling vegetables at roadside. But with the opening of these organized retail stores has forced them to starve and have a huge bunch of problems against these retail chains for making their life more difficult to live.

One side are organized retail chains that makes consumers feel at an ease while purchasing their requirements and are constrained only on quality products...
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