Organisational Structure Is an on-Going Management Task. How Does Organisational Structure Affect Human Behaviour in Organisations?

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Organisational structure is an on-going management task. How does organisational structure affect human behaviour in organisations?

Every organisation, small or big, in every business branches, has got less or more complicated structure. Usually it is an Owner, one or few top level or general managers, few lower levels managers and then personnel. In small organisations, usually resources are limited. In bigger organisations structure is more complex. However,no matter what kind of structure is in organization, at the end there is always staff. Personnel are obliged to carry out the commands of supervisor. At this point question arises: whether the organizational structure has an effect on human behaviour?

Firstly explain concept of an organisational structure. According to L. J. Mullins “Structure is the pattern of relationship among positions in the organisation and among members of the organisation” (Mullins, 2005, p. 596). That is mean the relationships are close between managers and staff, especially in small companies them relationship are visible. J.Child in his work presents three different components that make up the definitions of organisational structure: 1. “Organization structure designates formal reporting relationships, including the number of levels in the hierarchy and the span of control of managers and supervisors” – as before this definition is about relations between members of organisation. 2. “Organization structure identifies the grouping together of individuals into departments and of departments into the total organization” - this means the allocation of individual members of groups and departments in order to obtain the best possible results. 3. “Organization structure includes the design of systems to ensure effective communication, co-ordination, and integration of effort across departments” (Child, 1984, p. 192) - So all the actions and decisions regarding the departments are covered by the organizational structure to improve performance. So all of these ingredients define the essence of the organizational structure, and as the definition of organization structure has a close relationship with people and their behaviours.

Sample organisation structure:

Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (2010) 
It is a simple example of the organizational structure of small business, but larger companies are more complicated. An example might be Richard Branson and his Virgin Group. It is very hard to draw chart of this company because at this moment enterprise has more than 300 branded companies, employing approximately 50,000 people, in 30 countries, but here present an outline of the organisation. Virgin was founded by Sir Richard Branson in 1970. The corporation was growing, the structure was changing. At this moment Branson is still a Chairman, It belongs to the most important decision-making. Advisory and managing support to all of the different Virgin companies is belonging to Virgin Management Limited Centre. This here is most of the decisions taken, which are then passed to the general management of the different Virgin companies. Rest of structure is similar like typical in small companies. There is also a distinction between formal and informal organizational structure. The formal structure is described in the documentation of the company and is a specific, planned interaction between system components. However, an informal structure arises from the spontaneous interaction initiated by employees of the organization. Organizational structure functions:

* ensure the effectiveness of the organization,
* minimize the impact on the organization: adjust random behaviour of members of the organization: individuals have to adapt to the needs of organization, not an organization to the requirements of individuals, * create conditions for the use of power, decision making and carry out organizational activities. To construct an appropriate organizational structure, should...
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