Organisational Behaviour and Work

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D. Mendelis Task 1 1a)

Types of organisation and definitions explains about purpose for various businesses in the UK to stabilise growing inflation to normal level: ‘Any organisation that wishes to carry out its mission successfully must have a functioning internal structure, and must have systems that allow it to carry out its work effectively.’ Available from: [7 July, 2012] The organisational structure may explain within illustrated chart or graph. The hierarchical typical framework outlined of authority and communications, what allocates rights and duties, a structure depends on organisation objectives plus strategy. a.e.: In the centralized structure a decision making power of centralized the top layer management plus control functions to manage required departments and divisions. An organization must include:  Unique name and character to designate activities from others  Objectives – direction of business inside or outside of organisation  Special rules and regulations, formal written terms and conditions  Hierarchy and decision making management power  HR functions and operation roles, financial department  An accountancy or bookkeeping functions – record keeping  Various levels with personal development power of organisational members. Functional structure is the most common and this group individuals and specific functions are performed to basic departments: human recourses, accounting and purchasing. All of them are well organised and managed separately of the others. In other words an organisation has big boss or president. The boss manages all managers working within special department in structural order. Product based structure offer to be organised by specific type of product. Product structure of organisation (Lush) has specific roles allocated to product lines with reporting to leadership person about any of product wasters received. That person must control all related to the product line in the same structure. a.e.: catering manager starts his job from Kraft and serves included to a menu line various products within cultural structure: breakfast, lunch meals, cheese and spaghetti, ketchup and BBQ sauce. I’ll try to introduce a reader to graphical order of each structure with simple examples of my employer’s Lush Manufacturing Ltd product is based on reserve.

Geographically based structure makes sense to organise by the region, because that organizations cover a span of geographic regions. This structure altogether reports up to a central or supports logic demands and differences to customer needs - introduce to marketing mix. Contrast between geographical and functional structure are, that organisation manage employees under both described structures and make decisions to receive profit. Within ‘Lush’ cultures and structures of both contrasted management functions will appears in detail later below. 1

D. Mendelis Lush President

North region gen. manager

South region gen. manager

East region gen. manager

West region gen. manager

Matrix structure – allow to a large business go with two or more structuring approaches based for reporting levels in both, as horizontally and vertically. Employees can be part of a functional group of production and may serve on a team, which supports new product development. Matrix structure has members of various groups working together onto to development within new product line. ‘Lush’ product, publisher.

Production manager Team A manager Team B manager

Design manager

Production assistant


Multi-divisional structures are organisations whose split to divisions as a business unit with functions’ examples to sales, marketing or small businesses and are the project team approach. Simple tasks’ centralisation can be network flows to main person as central, which perform task alone and receiving good performance. Decentralised networks are information flows around the...
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