Organisation and Behaviour

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Organisations and Behaviour

1.1 Compare and contrast different organisational structures and culture

Let us analyse two different kind of organisations: a restaurant and a fast food. Thanks to my work experiences in London I am able to compare both of them. In the restaurant there was everything except that a good relationship among the employees and between these and the managers. Everybody was hired through a short interview, without having an induction or a proper training or a briefly introduction of the organisation. It was like everybody was left at their own destiny, so if you had a good skills, determination and you agreed with the treatment that you would have received, you could have gone on and grow in your own, otherwise nobody would have helped you and said how to do things or were to find other things, for example. All these factors did not help to create a real friendship among the employees, and of course, had a huge impact on the motivations of the people, so that was almost impossible to see a work as a team. Instead, in the fast food everything was different. Before to get the job, you have to pass several interviews and attend an induction. Since the beginning you will been told about the company, how it works and the progress that you could do. The first day you start your job on the field, you will have a briefly walk-throw with the manager, outside and inside the shop in order to see and to know where emergency exit and other useful things are situated. Then you will meet all the team, and the trainer, which will follow and help you in every pass. This spirit that you can find will help you feeling part of a team in a very short time and also will motivate you to do your best to succeed with the company. At the end, it is clear how the choice of the restaurant to behave in that way with their employees had had a negative affect into the team, bringing dissatisfaction and laziness, so much so that some employees had left the place. Whereas, in the fast food, the work of the manager and of the employees as well, had helped a lot to create a good atmosphere and a good relationship between each other,so that everybody could be motived and focus on the business.

1.2 Explain how the relationship between an organisation's structure and culture can impact on the performance of the business

A different organisation structure and culture may have relevant influence on the performance of the business. Comparing the 2 work experience that I had, it is clear how the organisation has had an impact on the trend of the business. In the fast food the manager managed to create a real and proper team which met the spirit of structure: a correct division of work between employees and the formal organisational relationship that are created between them. There were the principles of an organisation culture, there was respect between each other, respect for different culture and everybody was behaving in a proper way and always ready to help the others. All these aspects create a perfect harmony inside the team, so that everybody was focus on achieving all the goals and inevitably, it had a strong and good effect on the business performance. In the restaurant instead, nobody knew what “work as a team” means. The managers did not care about creating a successful team and also among the employees there was not the desire to reach it, so that who needed more help could not develop their skills and could not feel part of the company. Altogether these aspects brought all the motivations of everyone down, so that no one cared about the growth of the company or achieving personal goal, bringing for sure negative influence on the business.


1.3 Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour at work
There are a lot of causes which condition the behaviour of a singular person in a workplace. Factors such as personality, attitude,...
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