Organisational Behaviour

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Employment Pages: 6 (1980 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Part 1: Introduction of the selected Organization
Judicial Service Commission (JSC) is an independence and impartial institution which is formed according to the Constitution of Republic of Maldives Article 157. The Judicial Service Commission consists of 10 members. It is an independent legal entity with a separate seal, possessing the power to sue and sued against and makes undertakings in its own capacity. Its duties and responsibilities are fulfilled with the help of the administrative staffs of the Judicial Service Commission. In this Report I will be outlining this organization in accordance to its administrative role in fulfilling its mission and vision according to the Constitution of Republic of Maldives Article 157 and Judicial Service Commission Act (Act No. 10/2008). The objectives of Judicial Service Commission are to achieve targets and goals entrusted powers and responsibilities stipulated in the Constitution, and Judicial Service Commission Act. According to the Constitution, the Judicial Service Commission is entrusted with the responsibility and power: •To appoint, promote and transfer Judges other than the Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court, and to make recommendations to the President on the appointment of the Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court •To investigate complaints about the Judiciary, and to take disciplinary action against them, including recommendations for dismissal •To make rules:

regarding schemes for recruitment and procedures for the appointment of Judges ethical standards of Judges
providing for such matters as are necessary or expedient for the exercise, performance and discharge of the duties and responsibilities of the Commission •To advise the President and the People’s Majlis (Parliament) on any other matter relating to the Judiciary or the administration of justice •To exercise such additional powers and functions prescribed by this Constitution or by law. The main responsibility of the administrative staffs is assisting the Commission to perform its duties and entrusted goals.

Organizational Structure (Organogram of Judicial Service Commission administrative structure)

Part 2: Identification and description of the motivational strategies adopted in the organization Job Design
Many of us may believe that money is the main motivator of a job. But studies have shown that people can be motivated / demotivated according to the job design. How a job is designed has a major impact on employee motivation, job satisfaction, and commitment to an organization, absenteeism, and turnover. Therefore it is important to take these factors into account when designing a job. Frederick Herzberg (1923) believed that businesses should motivate employees by adopting a democratic approach to management and by improving the nature and content of the actual job through certain methods. In Judicial Service Commission, according to the newly formed organizational structure, every year performance is appraised semi-yearly, and if the percentage of performance is 75% and above, then an increment of pay is given to that employee every 2 years. This is done every 2 years, as it is a government funded ‘public’ organization, and government revenue is not enough to this demand. If performance of an employee is high, then that employee is given more complex tasks in this organization. According to the survey (Questionnaire) which was done among the staffs of JSC, most agreed that they are motivated according to their job design while some people disagree to this saying that they are motivated according to the responsibility they have, which intern is a part of their job design. Feedback system / Performance Appraisal

All employees’ performances are appraised semi-yearly and feedback is given. Each superior officer appraises staff or employees working under them and feedback is given. When certain tasks are given to each and...
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