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1. Organizational structure of Asia Commercial Bank and Sacombank At the Operation area in the Organizational chart of Sacombank, there are departments which are divided by occupational categories or functions such as HR & Training, Personnel banking, and Corporate banking... Each department that has appropriate sub-functions carries out particular task to develop productions, example: HR & Training has sub-functions are Human Resources Department, and Training Center. Therefore Sacombank has departmentation by function. In the Organizational chart of Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), there are two divisions that manage two product lines of ACB are Consumer Banking and Commercial Banking. Both divisions have sub-departments to develop their own product line. In additional, there are other divisions are Treasury division, Business Development division, and IT Center… that provide resources and support to Consumer Banking division and Commercial Banking division. So ACB has departmentation by product. 2. The difference between ACB and Sacombank:

Both ACB and Sacombank is the retail banking. However, the ACB’s target customers are individual, small and medium enterprises and base on the organizational structure we can see ACB specialize in two product lines are Consumer and Commercial. While Sacombank focus on enterprises and develop different areas equally. 3. The organization structure by geography can be applied for both because the division into a lot of regions can help bank approaching to customer more easily means banks can know customer habit and adjust policies to satisfy needs and wants of consumer, thus extending market. Organisational Chart of Sacombank

Organisational Chart of Sacombank

Source: Annual Report 2009
Source: Annual Report 2009
Organizational chart of Asia Commercial Bank
Organizational chart of Asia Commercial Bank
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