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Chapter 1


Banking sector has significant contribution in the economy of a country. In banking sector the activities performed in GB and in Accounts department is of greatest importance. Banking service is directly related with clients. Banking activities facilitate clients to deposit their money in the bank according to their needs, to withdraw cash available in clients bank account, help the clients to engage in transaction in a safely mode, help the clients to improve their living standard by providing loans to the clients after fulfilling the necessary conditions.

Rationale of the Report

Knowledge and learning become perfect when it is associated with theory and practice. Theoretical knowledge gets its perfection with practical application. As our education system predominantly text based inclusion practical orientation program, as an academic component is as exception to the norm. As the parties education institution and the organization substantially benefit from such a program, it seems a “win-win situation”. It establishes contracts and networking contracts. Contracts may help to get a job. That is students train and prepare themselves for the job market. A poor country like Bangladesh has an overwhelming number of unemployed educated graduates. As they have internship experience they have not been able to gain normal professional experience of establish networking system, which is important in getting a job. That’s why practical orientation is a positive development in professional area. Recognizing the importance of practical experience.

Scope of study

The study has many dimensions and covers a broad spectrum. The subject matter of the study includes the analysis of the product of Ablate study focuses mainly on the General Banking activities Account Department of Ablate study will be able to give a idea about general banking activities and account department of AIBL.

Objectives of the study

It is observed that the study covers a broad area of GB, and performance of GB in the branch. However, the specific objectives of the study are as follows-

01.To provide a detailed description of the product of the bank.

02.To provide an idea about the accounts department of the bank.

03.To provide an idea about customer service of the bank.

Limitations of the study

The limitations of this report are the followings:

1. Lack of available data and resources.
2. Lack of time in preparing report.
3. Lack of technological support.

Chapter 2

Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited

Brief History
With the objective of achieving success in life here and hereafter following the way directed by the holy Quran and the path shown by Rasul (SM) the Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited (AIBL) was established (registered) as a public limited company on June 18, 1995. Because Founders of this bank believe that Islam provides us a complete lifestyle. Main objective of Islamic lifestyle is to be successful both in our mortal and immortal life. Therefore in every aspect of our life we should follow the doctrine of Al-Quran and lifestyle of Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) for AIBL’s supreme success. Renowned Islamic scholars & pious businessmen of our country are the sponsors of the bank.

Vision & Mission

The vision and mission of AIBL is given below:


To be a pioneer in Islami Banking in Bangladesh and to contribute significantly to the growth of the national economy.


• To achieve the satisfaction of Almighty Allah both here & hereafter • To ensure Proliferation of Shariah Based Banking Practices • To ensure quality financial services adopting the latest technology • To ensure fast and efficient customer service

• To maintain high standard of business ethics
• To ensure balanced growth
• To ensure steady & competitive return on shareholders' equity • To ensure innovative banking at a competitive price...
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