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Advantages of organizational structures in a business
Organizational structure helps businesses to maintain the company accurately where different departments are responsible for certain duties and responsibilities. Considering that Thorpe Park and RSPCA are both large organizations both management structures are going to be hierarchical. The larger the company is the more employees and departments it has to help to run the business effectively. Hierarchical structure helps to identify what each team is called, the number of employees regarding to each department and the relation to other departments within a business. Thorpe Park benefits from organizational structure to operate the theme park on a daily basis smoothly and accurately. Each department has its own management and employees to complete each day’s working plan regarding the finances, human resources, promotions, engineering and the rest of duties regarding operational system. Subsequently RSPCA has the hierarchical management structure and has similar purposes of each department, to run organization successfully to achieve its’ aims and objectives. Aims and objectives are different than Thorpe Park’s as the charity is non-profitable organization. Though the aim of running the structure organized and keep departments focused on specific tasks are in common of both organizations. The advantages of having management structure

Board of directors is usually responsible for organizing business functions into departments to complete business processes. By separating departments it helps to ensure business operations are completed effectively. Also it benefits the organization by saving costs on unneeded departments and employees where, for instance, two similar departments could be recreated into one, more powerful. When opening other branches management structure helps to make sure the company runs according to the plan set up by board of directors. Board of directors gives directions to its...
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