Orangehrm Recruitment Module Quick Guide

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Job interview Pages: 4 (568 words) Published: April 24, 2011
OrangeHRM Recruitment Module Quick Guide
• • Adam Smith logs into the system as the HR administrator. He clicks on Job>Job title in the admin tab

A. Creating Job Titles for The Organization
I. This depends on the available vacancies in the organization at this moment. Lets’ assume that Adam the HR admin adds a job title called “Maintenance Engineer”.

OrangeHRM Recruitment Module Quick Guide

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After completing the “Job Description”, “Pay Grade” and if necessary “Job Title Comments”, Adam clicks “Save”. Then he arrives at the following screen, where he needs to click on “Edit’ and fills out all the correct and necessary information.


OrangeHRM Recruitment Module Quick Guide

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Then Adam goes to the recruitment module>job vacancies.

V. VI.

Then he clicks on add. He selects the job title as “Maintenance Engineer”, selects the hiring manager as Bob Smith, gives the job description, clicks the Active check box and clicks “Save”.

OrangeHRM Recruitment Module Quick Guide

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B. Applicants Start Applying for The Vacancies
The following URL gets created if you have installed the application on your local PC. http://localhost/name of the directory/jobs.php Example: http://localhost/orangehrm-2.3-beta.2/login.php Example:

I. David Cartner wishes to apply for the post of “Sr Business Analyst (Manufacturing)” and clicks on the above URL. II. Then he arrives at the following screen. Following are the job vacancies in the company.

OrangeHRM Recruitment Module Quick Guide

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III. He clicks on the apply button, fills out the form and clicks save.

OrangeHRM Recruitment Module Quick Guide

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IV. When David Cartner applies for this post a notification email is sent to the hiring manager of the particular job. Also an email confirmation is sent to the address specified by David Cartner in the application. V. Once the...
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