Opportunity Analysis for a New E-Business Venture

Topics: Printing, Customer service, Printing press Pages: 23 (6246 words) Published: July 3, 2008
1.0 Executive Summary

CustomPrintSolutions.com is designed as a global Internet printing services which serves as a print shop focused on reducing the overall printing cost, in addition to enabling business-to-business transactions for printing presses and the graphic art design industry. CustomPrintSolutions.com intends to establish and operate an Internet print shop with services costing significantly less than the prices of its competitors, while supplying superior quality services. Upon incorporation of its website and graphic art services, CustomPrintSolutions.com will enable both start-up and existing companies to reduce their printing costs significantly.

Highlights of CustomPrintSolutions.com

·Breakthrough products. CustomPrintSolutions.com will develop a unique website that provides customers various ways to create business stationery, including business cards, envelopes, notepads, and door hangers. A graphic art design center will also be provided, enabling customers to create company logos and other designs essential to their company's identity. ·Trademarks. The company plans to register a corporation under the name of CustomPrintSolutions.com and operate under the same name. ·Large markets. Recent studies show, that business-to-business (B2B) commerce has multiplied in terms of revenue over the recent years. It also emphasizes that e-market places will be responsible for 53% of all online business trade. ·Seasoned management. The company's management is highly experienced and qualified. ·Customers. The company will primarily target small and start-up businesses throughout Malaysia and Singapore. The company will also develop plans to negotiate deals with big businesses around the world in the future.

The biggest competitive threat for CustomPrintSolutions.com will come from iPrint.com. However, we will have a competitive advantage over iPrint.com by offering lower prices on all products and services. Customers in this industry are sensitive to both quality and price and at CustomPrintSolutions.com they will benefit from both offerings.

CustomPrintSolutions.com has a world-class management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administration skills. The team will be led by Mr. Sathish Kumar Ayappan.

The company projects that between July 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008 it will generate revenues of RM250,000.00. Projected revenues for 2009 and 2010 are RM500,000.00 and RM750,000.00, respectively. The three partners will each contribute their share of capital totaling RM 150,000.00. CustomPrintSolutions.com is seeking the balance of RM100,000.00 in venture capital. These funds will be used for:

1.Establishing an organization and office presence in both Malaysia and Singapore. 2.Completing development of the Internet print shop.
3.Marketing the website and its services and products.

1.1 Mission

The mission of CustomPrintSolutions.com is to become a global company, utilizing the power of the Internet to become the market leader in providing online printing, graphic art designs, and a B2B portal for the untapped printing press and graphic art design industries. To accomplish this, the company will combine high-quality workmanship with the lowest costs in the industry.

2.0 Business Description

CustomPrintSolutions.com will be incorporated as a Private Limited company, with principal office located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. All operations, from administration to graphic design development, will take place at this leased office location of approximately 500 square feet.

2.1 Service Description

CustomPrintSolutions.com will be an online provider of printing and B2B print services, focusing on the business market. This will be fortified with the company's graphic art services.

The online print shop will offer customers a one-stop shop for addressing their printing needs. Customers will be able to easily design and...
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