Swot Analisis

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Adolfo Esquivel
Question 1
What is IBM “Smarter Planet “business strategy?

Smarter Planet is an initiative conceived by IBM as a result of the better understanding on how the world interacts and communicates through technology, is the way how to analyze and interrelate data in order to obtain more accurate and fast results. (In their own words to make the world more efficient)

How does this strategy relate to IBM's mission and values?

This business strategy really takes into practice all the core values of the company. It responds to the results from observing what is happening with clients, and the subsequent implementation of new technologies tailored to their specific needs in order to get "client's success”. This kind of approach lets the company offer creative and Innovative solutions, expand new strategic opportunities, and strengthen business relationship by adding new values to its products and services.

Question 2
Conduct a SWOT analysis for IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative. What are the relevant trends to consider for the next three to five years.

Strategic Marketing Process

Location of factor|Type Of Factor|
Internal|Strengths: ·Well defined market sector·Emphasis on specific client needs·High quality staff·Strong recognition and reputation around the world|Weaknesses:·Lack of intercultural experience, in order to explore new and someway more complex markets.·Best offer of services for medium and small companies (They represent a huge part of the planet). Nowadays, they seem to be focused only on large organizations.·The challenge to offer customized products and support for an increasing numbers of clients could be also a weakness for such a large company.| External|Opportunities:·Implementation of new technologies in developing countries.·Smarter Planet involves new ways of thinking, this initiative contrast with the Company's...
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